Exercise Coach in Telluride, CO

Do you suffer from:

  • Acquiring nagging injuries from current exercise regimen or group training
  • Always sick once you start working out
  • Sore all the time
  • Working hard, but not seeing results
  • The Excuse: “I have no time”
  • Diagnosed with cancer or autoimmune disease and need to know how to pump the body effectively while healing
  • Not knowing where to begin with overall exercise program after being released from physical therapy or injury

At 8750ALT, our approach to exercise is traditional in the sense that we can help you change the way you look and feel, but more than that (remember, we aren’t your ordinary gym), our exercise coaches will approach each session in a carefully mannered way in order to address all of your physical needs. Just like you, we also want you to find the optimal potential of your body, at that same time using natural methods to heal.

There is only so much time in a day to fit it all in: work deadlines, long commutes, cooking, cleaning, quality time with family and friends, me-time. This list could go on and on. We get it, trust us. So it’s no wonder most people cringe at the thought of squeezing in one more thing such as exercise. Yet, there are simple movements you can do that actually increase your energy and vitality, and take only a few minutes each day. Think of it this way: building energy and vitality in your body is a lot like investing. Just like it takes money to make more money, it takes energy to make more energy. With our help, we are going to show you the money, so to speak.

“Seventeen years ago, I arrived in Telluride as a couch potato… then following my first mountain hike, I realized I needed help. Meeting Nicole, and beginning a program of conditioning changed my life. At 65, I began participating in 5K running events and then on to Sprint Triathlons (bicycling and running only). I also became a hiking and snowshoeing guide. Now at 75, I am happy to say I continue guiding.”
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During your first consultation, we will perform 3 hours of science-based assessments, and evaluate your lifestyle thru a 14 page questionaire. Once we have science-based testing results, we will build your one-of-a-kind program starting with a mobility/stretch/fascia release program and then following that up with a base strength training program. Of course, we can’t forgot about lifestyle choices and nourishment. We will cover those goodies as well. If you are ready to break old habits by building a firm foundation in the new year? We are here for you!

Exercise Assessment Cost: $300


Going forward after initial assessment, there are three different ways to continue on your journey of working with an exercise coach. Each hour long session differs in preference of attention, camaraderie, and cost.

Small Group Coaching

These small group coaching sessions are for those who want the price and the camaraderie of a group fitness class, but believe that the one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for them anymore.

Small Group Coaching  are 1-hour sessions with 1 to 4 people max at the 8750ALT gym.

Single Session: $75
5 Sessions: $300
10 Sessions: $500

Coaching Private

Get one-on-one attention with someone who knows what hurdles your overcoming, what pain you are experiencing, which lifestyle choices you want to change.

Private Coaching Sessions are 1-hour long at the 8750ALT gym.

Single Session: $150
5 Sessions: $700
10 Sessions: $1300

In-Home Coaching

Not ready to come to the gym or don’t like a gym setting? We have all the tools and equipment to come to you. These sessions will be all about you in the setting of your own home.

Private In-Home Sessions are 1-hour long in the comfort of your own home.

Single Session: $200
5 Sessions: $900
10 Sessions: $1600

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