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Join the community of fellow exercise enthusiasts, newbies, and learners at our Telluride Gym.

We have everything you need from free weights to treadmills to myofascial release tools. Not sure you are ready to go at it alone? Check out how our personal trainer/coach and licensed physical therapists can help you get the most value from your Telluride Gym membership at 8750ALT.


Why Choose 8750ALT for Your Gym?

The 8750ALT community and staff encourages and supports those who are thinking differently about how to become the best versions of themselves. We do this by making sure you have all the conventional and non-conventional tools/equipment to do so. We don’t believe in volume; membership is limited to 60 members so that everyone benefits from a quality experience.

Our members enjoy the calm and healing atmosphere at 8750ALT with the friendly staff and a supportive community.

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Vacationing in Telluride and Need a Gym?

There are so many options for outdoor sports and adventure in Telluride, but when you need a family-friendly gym to keep up on your regular workouts, we have a plan just for you. Join the community while you are in town and check out one of our short-term Telluride Gym membership options: a 24-hour pass or a week-long pass!

“We were visiting from out of town and this facility was PERFECT for what I needed. Staff is great, easy access, and a LOT of different equipment to choose from. I’d highly recommend it. We’ll be coming back for sure next time we’re in town!”
J. Hietbrink

All members enjoy our monitored, 24-hour access to our Telluride main street facility.


We have everything you need for a functional workout—free weights, olympic barbells, bumper plates and rack, 2 cable machines, TRX, Swiss balls, speed and heavy bag. If needing rehabilitation tools, we have lots of those as well—body blades, resistance bands, stability discs, bosu, agility ladders, plyo box and FMS tools. When it comes to functional equipment and tools we have it all!


If you dabble in more of a holistic approach to fitness, look no further than 8750ALT for all the tools you need to monitor your health journey. Our corrective holistic tools include blood pressure cuffs for core stabilization, dowels for postural alignment and myofascial release balls for addressing mobility. Is the curiosity killing you? Please ask us about these tools and why we use them!


If cardio is your thing, we have you covered. We have two treadmills, two spin bikes, three ellipticals, an upright bike, water rower and arm crank. Come get your sweat on!

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8750ALT is a 24-hour membership gym. To join please visit our membership page or contact us today!